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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

In 2010 I heard of Scentsy for the first time from a friend.  She was a consultant in the US and raved about the product and her successes in the company.  That fall I had some family and friends over and asked them to look at the Scentsy products and tell me what they thought.  They loved it.  February 1, 2011, I became a Scentsy consultant.   What took me so long?  I was doing my homework.  I was learning about Scentsy the company and how they would be to work for.  I wanted to be with a company who didn't see me as just a number in their vast lines of consultants.  I wanted to matter and to feel like I was cared about.  I discovered that Scentsy cared about each and every one of their consultants.  So much so that we are referred to as the Scentsy Family.   As a Scentsy Family member we are supported from the start right through our successes and we are recognized for our achievements.  In 2012 I was lucky enough to be awarded with the Annual Mentor Award.  An award that only 109 consultants in North America (12 being in Canada) earned.  I am honoured to have received this.   Scentsy rewards their consultants each year with an incentive trip.  I have been blessed to have earned trips to the Dominican Republic, Hawaii Bahamas, Las Vegas, Mexico and this year we will be travelling to Disney as a family.   But I didn't only join Scentsy for trips and awards.  I joined Scentsy to meet new people through home parties and trade shows and to introduce people to a fantastic product and the amazing Scentsy opportunity.  I love Scentsy warmers and wax and I want everyone to experience it.   My husband and I have five children and Scentsy fits into our life perfectly.  I ran my own home daycare for five years so I could be home with our children.  Now with the opportunity Scentsy has brought to our family I closed the daycare 2 1/2 years ago and run my Scentsy business full time while still caring for our children.   I continue to look forward to the opportunities Scentsy will bring our way.  I want others to experience this too.  If you would like an opportunity to have this in your life I would love to have you join my team.  I can help you achieve your dreams like I have achieved mine. <!--endbody-->